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Innovation: an innovation is the extension of an invention, innovation is linked to performance and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning and market share. It typically adds value by changing old organizational forms and practices.

Organizations that do not innovate effectively may be destroyed by those who do. 

Technology Management: i.e.developing ways to integrate technology considerations into strategic business decisions

Technologies lie at the heart of any manufacturing company – whether used in making the products or forming an integral part of the products themselves.  Successfully assimilating existing technologies into the business and anticipating the impact of emerging new technologies are critically important tasks for companies under pressure to bring new products to market as quickly as possible.

Technology Management can be defined as the set of activities associated with bringing technology products to the marketplace.

Typical concepts used in technology management are technology strategy (a logic or role of technology in organization), technology mapping (identification of possible relevant technologies for the organization), technology roadmapping (a limited set of technologies suitable for business), technology project portfolio ( a set of projects under development) and technology portfolio (a set of technologies in use).

The role of the technology management function in an organization is understand the value of certain technology for the organization. Continuous development of technology is valuable as long as there is a value for the customer and therefore the technology management function in an organization should be able to argue when to invest on technology development and when to withdraw.

Dr. Gentili's professional services cover:

  • Design issues and business strategies for new technology products in both established firms and new ventures
  • In-Sourcing of Technologies
  • Out-Sourcing of Technologies
  • New product development processes, tools and techniques
  • Managing R&D portfolios and development of technology alliances
  • Execution Plans of research and development Projects